Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kit-Kat Cupcakes

It's been way too long since the last time I uploaded some of my cupcake creations--things have been hectic. But seeing as today is the last day before I start school again, I thought I better give you something to look at.

They aren't really related to any book I've read recently (unless you figure in that Kit-Kats were my favorite candy bar growing up, and I've been reading a lot of memoirs about childhood lately, but that's a stretch). Basically, I've just been craving chocolate lately and while I hate to stray away from what this blog is for, I thought I could still share the recipe and a few mouthwatering photos with you!

I got the recipe from here:

But like I usually do, I played with it a bit. I added a few sprinkles of just regular sugar to the batter and coated the bottom of the liners with powder sugar. I think doing this makes them taste more homemade.

I did, however, make a rookie mistake of cooking them too long. I did 23 minutes, peeped in the oven and thought they still looked too gooey. I ended up with slightly burnt bottoms, but still completely edible and delicious cupcakes! The kit kats on the inside are really what make these awesome!

(I also ended up with a lot more cupcakes than 12--not sure how that happened exactly!)

Happy baking!